The Confidence Crease

The Consistent Confidence Crease is a NHL regulation goalie crease slideboard that allows a goalie to develop muscle memory using the same Squareness, Angles and Depth as on the ice. 

This unique training tool allows for:

  • Customizable Movement Patterns
  • Two Challenging Training Levels
  • Angle Stoppers
  • Recovery Bumper
  • Net Play Stance Stoppers
  • Net Play Wrap Bumpers

As part of the off-ice training program, the Vikings goalies will be able to take advantage of this training system.  Goalies will be allowed to use this during their team off-ice programs once they have completed an introductory training session with either Coach Holke or Coach Kimento.

Below, please find the training videos that we will use in conjunction with The Confidence Crease.