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Please see below, several Important Dates for August. Registrations, times and more details are listed when you click the "Registration Tab". As a Reminder, ALL players U10 and up will need a 2020-2021 USA Hockey Registration number to sign up for any clinics or tryouts. ALL U8 Mites will need a AAU Number for tryouts.

Get it today at

August 3-6
Vikings Power Skate Mini Clinic (2 nights per level)
Vikings 4-Night Goalie Clinic
August 10th & 12th
Vikings / Jr Vikes Free U8 Mite Skills and Scrimmage Nights. ALL Mites Welcome
August 10-13
Forward and Defense Mini Clinics by levels
August 15-17
Jr Vikes U8 Mite Tryouts
Vikings U18 and U15 Tryouts
August 19-27
Vikings Pre-Tryout Conditioning (5 Sessions per level)
August 30 - September 3
U10, U12 & U14 Tryouts


No Ice Labor Day Weekend


July Summer Hockey Dates & Times Announced

Hello Players and Parents, Yes Hockey is Back!

I hope your summer is off to a good start and everyone is healthy and slowly getting back to some sort of normal. Hockey Sense Inc is proud to announce the 2020 July Summer Skates, set to begin Monday July 6th. The July Program will be run by Hockey Sense Inc. All levels will skate eight times, two times per week during the month of July. Skills, drills, small area games and some scrimmage will be the focus during July. Our group size will expand to a maximum of 36 skaters, first come first serve. Cost for the program is $220, due at your first session prior to your player taking the ice. Players will not be allowed on the ice without payment. There are no drop ins, pro-rated payments or partial payments. Payment can be made in cash or check made out to Hockey Sense Inc. 

To reserve your spot please email your players Level Coordinator for July, see below. In your email simply state, "Please place my player, (Name and Date of Birth) into the (Playing Level, U8, U10, U12 ect.) group. If you have multiple players in your family you will have to email each Level Coordinator. Please see the schedule and list of Level Coordinators below. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have at See everyone at the rink

Ice Schedule

Monday & Wednesdays (July 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 & 29)

U8 Mites 530-630pm

U10 SQ 640-740pm

U14 Bantams 750-850pm SOLD OUT

Tuesday & Thursdays (July 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28 & 30)

U12 PW 630-730pm ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT

All Midgets 740-840pm SOLD OUT

July Level Coordinators

U8 Mite - Ryan Holke,

U10 SQ - Ryan Holke,

U12 PW - Nick Pollos, 

U14 Bantam - Matt Hart,

All (05-02) Midgets - George Malliaras,  

All groups are First Come First Serve so make sure to contact your level coordinator right away to be added to the list. A confirmation email will be sent within 48 hours. Please contact Nick Pollos with any questions at



For Immediate Release


The Orland Park Vikings are very proud to announce that they will be entering the 2020-2021 USA Hockey Season with Five Teams accepted into the Central States Developmental Hockey League. The announcement was made by Vikings Hockey Director Nick Pollos. "Its a very exciting time for our club, our players and our coaches," says Pollos. "We are looking forward to what lies ahead this season." The Vikings will enter the CSDHL Season at U10 SQ Major, U14 Bantam Minor (2007s), U14 Bantam Major (2006s), U15 Midget Minor (2005s) & U18 Midget Major (2002-2003s)

Feel free to contact Vikings Hockey Director Nick Pollos at with any questions. 

A full list of accepted teams can be found on the CSDHL Website at

Its a Great Time to be a Viking!

    Final Payton Bruns Update 6/16/2020

    How about this kid

    Hockey players and parents from all clubs in all states. If we ever needed something to get us refocused especially during these absolutely crazy times in our nation, this is it. This is the Final Update on the long journey of Payton Bruns. Many have followed his path from injury to recovery to therapy and now to whats next in his life. Payton wrote this himself, not bad for a young man who has been through so much. It really shows whats inside his heart. With all the negative in the world today, I hope this inspires you to do something nice today, or tomorrow or everyday.

    Payton Bruns Update
    6/16/2020 at 3:00pm

    I would like to again thank everyone for everything they did for me and my family through these tough times. Everyone has given us the best support possible through my injury and I can’t thank you enough for that.

    Over the past few months I’ve been attending therapy 3 days a week, and it’s a lot less intense than before! I will be beginning OT again in the next few weeks for some minor twitching in my right hand, but everything else is moving really well! I’m still working my way back into my normal life with college beginning in just a few months. I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater! I will be receiving a Biology degree then returning to med school to pursue a career in physical therapy.

    I still love seeing kids of all ages on the ice. Yes, I am upset with no longer being able to play college hockey, but everyone’s life has some challenges that come head on. I hope everyone takes their’s in a positive way and come out stronger than before. You’re always stronger than you believe you really are. Your heart and desire will carry you farther than anything else. And no matter what happens, when a challenge leaves you stuck, you have your family and friends there for support. Never take anything for granted and always push to defy the odds! These are some things I’ve learned through this process.

    For anyone playing the game they love: You never want to look back at what could’ve been, so find the good in every day and take any chance you get to pursue your dream. Set goals and put your heart into it, and don’t give up until those goals and dreams become a reality. You never know how soon it can be over until it really is. Continue to put in as much work as you can to be the best version of you, and never take anything you have for granted. Always push yourself to be your best no matter what. Work hard and never give up on yourself! You picked this game for a reason, now go show the world why you’re playing.

    For parents who watch the kids play the game they love: Enjoy it while it lasts. You never want to see your kid down or off about anything. Do whatever you can to support your child and make sure they enjoy what they’re doing! Push your child to be the best they can be, on and off the ice. But don’t yell at them for an off day or a bad game. They’re human and make mistakes. Mistakes will only teach them to work harder at what they do, so they don’t make that mistake again. And lastly, enjoy the family time! I’d give anything to spend another weekend with my parents in the car or hotel at a tournament, creating memories we will cherish forever. Create happy memories with your child, and enjoy the game.

    Nothing is impossible, everything has odds whether they’re big or small, and everything is achievable. When given the worst situation, always give your best shot to achieve success. Thank you for everything,
    Payton Bruns

    Big Boy Hockey Purpura Brothers

    2020 "Show Us What Ya Got" Video Champions.

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